Supportive Services


supportive service

Optical Services

Nimbalkar Jarhad Eye Hospital provide best optical services in pune .
of or relating to sight or vision; visual. of or relating to the eye. of or relating to an optician or opticians or to their products, especially eyeglasses: an optical service.


Medical Shop Services

We have variety of medicines which are beneficial for different type of eye issues, so more people can get benefit from our world class medicines.

And we are committed to widening the range of our medicines. So more people can get the access of our medicines and which can be helpful to enhance the quality of eye-sight of people.

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Contact Lens Clinic Services

We provide best contact lense services and best solutions.
Contact lenses are alternative to Eyeglasses which offer great relief to the people with refractive error defects. Contact lenses are hassle free and offer crystal clear vision. Eye-Q’s experienced optometrists evaluate and provide lenses for correcting refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism